Coronatests for your company

We provide your company with a complete solution

Coronatest for professional use


Analysis of your company's needs, offer and placing an order

When you have decided to use our Coronatest - we help you with a complete solution based on the company's unique needs. Contact us - an offer will be sent within 24 hours. By agreement, your order is registered.


Execution And Results

When the tests have been delivered, it is time to start testing with the help of your own company-hired nurse or healthcare staff from one of our partners. The test results are presented at the time of the test and administered easily.


Going back to work and prevention

Now you have an overview regarding the spread of infection amongst the employees. You can plan for a safe stay or return at the workplace. Forward, the testing should be performed continuously to prevent new spread of the virus.

Coronatest with iNordic

iNordic offers a serological test that detects antibodies for the corona virus.

With our solution, companies can get an overview of the situation at the workplace, plan ahead and take the necessary measures. 

Together, we can reduce the negative effects caused by the current pandemic and prevent the spread of the infection in society. 


Once you have decided to test for Covid-19, choose a corona test that:

  • Gone through independent clinical studies
  • shows the necessary information to be able to get an overview and make a plan based on your situation (IgM / IgG)
  • demonstrates the test result within the most optimal time frame
  • has a trustworthy CE-Certificate according to EU:s health, environment and safety requirements
  •  can be combined with experienced and qualified healthcare professionals to perform the tests in the place that is optimal for your company

Polymerase Chain Reaction- testing is a method for examining whether there is an inherited mass from a specific virus. The design is carried out so that healthcare personnel insert a test stick into the patient's nose or throat. The sample is then sent to an advanced equipped laboratory to produce the sample response. It usually takes several hours or days before you find out your test result. 

This method only proves positive if the patient has an ongoing infection. The sensitivity of the test becomes weaker later in the course of the disease and can therefore show negative results even though you are ill.

Serological testing is a method of examining whether you have the antibodies that are developed as a result of a virus and is performed through a blood sample. The antibody tests for the Corona virus can show two types of antibodies, IgM and IgG. What the test result shows depends on how long after the time of infection you get tested. Positive results of IgM are demonstrated when you have recently been infected. Positive results for IgG can only be seen after the infection. Serological tests provide test results within 15 minutes.

There are serological tests that only detect the antibody IgG. Unfortunately, if you use one of these, you will not know if you have recently been exposed to the virus and have an ongoing infection.